Our Team

Our dog walkers and pet sitters are the best of the best. We wouldn’t put your pet in the hands of anyone who wasn’t!  What’s more, every On the Move employee has a passion for their work. They love animals and are committed to giving each client a delightful experience (and even a treat).

On the Move Pet Care, LLC is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.   Additionally, certain OTM staff members are available to administer medication and injections upon request.

At On The Move Pet Care, we are confident that you won’t find the same level of dedication to our professional service anywhere else!

Beth and Jack

On the Move Pet Care, LLC was founded in 2013 by Bethany Stevens, a Rochester native with a heart for all things furry, finned and feathered.  Passion for animals and the desire to do what she loves every day are Bethany’s true driving motivators.  With experience working with an exceptional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting company in Washington, DC,  Bethany’s return to Rochester left her searching for similar services and comparable pet-friendly events.  In 2013, Bethany created On the Move Pet Care, LLC to provide an affordable option to young professionals and families alike who currently rely on friends, family and lunch breaks to accommodate their pet needs.

Bethany is there every step of the way to ensure that your pets receive the quality, personalized care they crave and the treats that they deserve!

Alyse P. (OTM Manager)

Alyse has had animals her entire life including dogs, cats, birds, fish, bunnies and hamsters.  Her love for all animals is what brings her the greatest joy, knowing that she is able to help take care of them.  Alyse has grown up in Rochester and has worked in various industries, but has always known that her passion is working with animals. Having lived on a farm and rescued and homed barn cats, Alyse learned the great rewards that come with caring for animals and ensuring their health and safety. As an ABC Certified Dog Trainer, Alyse dreams to someday start her own training facility and to leave an impact on as many lives as she can.  As the OTM Manager, Alyse is often the person you will hear from when coordinating visits, scheduling services, and following up on routine updates.


Hunter C. (Marketing Assistant)

Graduating from Wayne Central in the class of 2017, Hunter comes all the way from Walworth after she found herself the opportunity to work at OTM. She was so excited to put two of her favorite things together as a job; pets and art, as she works on the social media/marketing end of On The Move. All her life she has always had a pet around, having a dog, Mocha, and a cat, Wicket, most recently. Hunter helps out with posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as events such as Pups and Pilsners. Outside of OTM she loves spending time drawing, dirt bike riding, as well as having adventures with her friends and family. She hopes to continue with jobs that deal with marketing and graphic design, maybe even as a career in the future!


Laura D.

Laura DLaura has lived in Rochester since 1985 after growing up on Long Island and has been an animal lover her entire life. She remembers seeing her first Golden Retriever as a kid and that became her dream dog. Now she’s had 3 Goldens as an adult, one of which lived to be almost 17 years old. She’s always wanted to work with animals and now that is what she does for a living!




Andrea P.

AndreaMeet Andrea! Originally a 315er from the Finger Lakes area, Andrea moved back to upstate NY 10 years ago from Colorado. She made the trek across the country with her trusty companion, Zowie, a 12 yr old toursie shell cat. Another round of cats and a recent move to Irondequoit had her moving in with 9 yr old American Staffordshire, Bailey. She has trained him to walk without pulling out her arm, using positive reinforcement and love. She has grown up with cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, and “lovely” snakes. Her philosophy with animals is the same with children – treat them with kindness and respect and expect the same back. Children and animals always rise to the occasion. How does she spend her off time? Exploring Rochester, New York and other places that will have her. In addition, Andrea is big on volunteering – Mentor at Compeer, Advisor to her sorority at RIT, and committee member for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Pam H.

Pam H.

Pam is a Rochester native who got her first taste of pet sitting while living in Dallas, TX.  Having returned to the area four years ago, she and her beloved pup, Finn, have found all kinds of places for adventures!  The seasons don’t stop her either.  Heat, wind, rain and snow, she is ready to get your dog on the go!  Pam loves all animals and will shower yours with all the love and affection they desire.


Emily H.

Emily H.Emily H. prefers to spend most of her time outside, with family, friends, and most of all, her rescue dog, Henna!  She loves running with Henna along the canal, and exploring quiet spots in the woods among the many parks around Rochester.  A Buffalo native, Emily became a Rochestarian in 2001, after moving back to the area from Massachusetts with her husband, to be close to family.  She has enjoyed sharing a home over the years with 3 different cocker spaniels, a cat, 3 hamsters, a ferret, a guinea pig, 2 Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, 1 gecko, 4 anoles, and several fish.  She enjoys the satisfaction that comes with providing care for animals who return the love tenfold!

Kristina K.

image1 (10)

In addition to working with On the Move, Kristina is a balanced trainer who treats each dog as an individual and works with them accordingly, meeting every dog’s and their owner’s needs. To be a great trainer Kristina believes you have to continue to stay open to learning the use of new tools and techniques and also to learn new uses for old tools and techniques.  You always have to be open minded, always willing to learn more, and learn as much as possible.  Kristina brings her talent and expertise to her daily walks and pet sits.

Jane M.

JaneJane is a strong supporter of On The Move Pet Care because her daughter, Bethany, is the owner! Jane has always had dogs in her life, but while Bethany grew up, several cats, a guinea pig, and multiple beta fish were added to Jane’s household.  Jane currently lives with two rescue cats, Copper and Lily, and borrows her “grand-dogs”, Jack and Lucy, whenever she can. She watches the human grandchildren, Brynne and Caden, when she is not working in the Pastry Kitchen at Phillip’s European or doing spot-checks for OTM Pet Care.

David Porter 

David OTMDavid is a recent graduate of U of R. Originally from Vermont, David has been around dogs for most of his life. His family’s golden retriever, Nicky, passed away when David was 3, and a few years later they got a silly small poodle mix named Ellie. David enjoyed caringDavid OTM for, tummy-scratching, and playing with Ellie in addition to walk and sitting for many other neighborhood dogs. Since living full time in the 585, he’s been missing that frequent animal playtime and has found it with On The Move! David’s love of animals in recent years has broadened beyond dogs, and he loves to hang out with and care for cats, hamsters, fish, frogs, snakes, turtles… the list goes on. When not hanging out with animals, David is usually hiking, running, making music, or working at a popular Rochester bagel establishment. He hopes to one day hold a career in music production while traveling the world with animal friends.

Melanie K.

IMG_0735Melanie is a Rochester native who has spent her whole life around animals.  She’s a little bit shy around humans, but when asked if she’d mind pet sitting, she’s always responded with ‘Pets, they’re my kind of people.’  Growing up, she’s had dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, hermit crabs, and an endless enthusiasm for meeting new animals.   When she is not making pastries at Phillips European Restaurant, Melanie is often taking time to pet sit for friends, family, and members of her church, and if she’s not out and about doing that, she can be found at home with her two constant companions, Nathan Daniel, an eight year old, lovey-dovey cat, and Java, a twelve year old, never quite grew out of the puppy stage flat-coated retriever/rottweiler mix.


Tammy O.

IMG_20160606_142421Tammy has loved animals since she was a baby. Instead of dressing dolls up in their doll clothes, she would dress her stuffed animals and even her pets in the doll clothes! She grew up with Chihuahua’s and cats…who wore plenty of doll clothes… :) Until recently, Tammy was a Property Manager for over 15 years but decided to finally follow her dreams…and that is to work with animals. This also allows her more time to spend home with her family! She has 2 children (1 son and 1 daughter) and of course, 2 dogs, Caramel( a Lab/Boxer/Pit mix), Tank (a Chihuahua/Miniature Black Lab mix), 2 cats, Blaze and Smokey, Honey Bee (the Lion Head bunny) and a fish! Being able to spend such quality time with animals is truly a blessing…she treats every single animal as if they were her own. They’re our kids, after all!

Sarah Bernier

Sarah BernierSarah was born in Baltimore, Maryland and then moved to Rochester when she was 6, staying there until she graduated from Victor in 2014. She went to school in North Carolina for her freshman year of college and then transferred to Penn State.  Sarah is now on their online program to wrap up her degree — Business with the Marketing and Management option. She has always had pets from just a turtle and fish when she was 8 to her family dogs; a German Shepherd, Beagles, Shih Tzu’s and Chocolate Labs so she absolutely loves having a job that she can play with mini friends!